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If I use brushes I did not create myself when designing a layout, they will have been created by a brillaint artist at Obsidian Dawn. She creates her high quality brushes in Photo Shop using her own photography and artistic talents. If I use her brushes, I will include her button, along with my own, in a credited HTML gadget on your blog.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pricing Packages

Indelible Creations offers 4 different complete packages to choose from. In these packages you receive the services listed & a most personal blog design unlike any other! Installation is included in all packages.


Sidebar images/text images (up to 12)
Complete color matching/coordinating
Photo enhancements
Custom navigation bar (instead of blogger nav bar)
Coded button
Custom template

**Typical time investment - 25-50 hours


Best Deal!
Sidebar images/text images - up to 6
Complete color matching/coordinating
Photo enhancements
Custom navigation bar (instead of blogger nav bar)
Custom template

**Typical time investment - 20-35 hours


Sidebar images/text images - up to 4
Complete color matching/coordinating
Custom template

**Typical time investment - 10-20 hours


Complete color matching/coordinating

Basic Template

**Typical time investment - up to 15 hours

Vector Drawing/Illustration (additional charge per package; includes caricatures, cartoons, illustration of any kind): $5o.oo

Custom Graphic background work: up to $25.oo

Adding pages: $7.oo to $15.oo

Header alone: $15.oo

Background with blank header only: $20.oo

Additional sidebar images: $7.oo flat rate to add (up to 3)

Personal photo enhancing: $1o.oo /5 photos (for any occasion, can be printed by you)

Coded button: $15.oo

Favicon: $3.oo

Signature: $2.oo

* Other expenses incurred during the makeover will be charged to the client. This includes, but is not exclusive to, photos or illustrations from IStock, Digital Scrapbook kits, or pay fonts. Excessive background re-dos, and/or header re-dos (I expect at least one re-do of each - it's fairly common) will result in an additional $15.oo charge.

**Time investment - the time it takes to create the graphics, alter the CSS/HTML, make changes, & upload the design to your blog.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is a blog makeover & what am I paying for?

The reason I do this is because I really enjoy making other people happy. What better way to do that than using my creativity to create something for someone else. I love working in my graphic program. I love seeing the different things I can do. I love to learn new things. This is not only fun for me, but I run into challenges in creating every once in a while and those make me better at what I do.

I can promise that I will do everything in my power to make you happy!

What are we doing?

I ask my clients what they want to see and do my best to turn their ideas into a unique design specifically for them. Custom = unlike any other!

What is my client's responsibility in the designing process?

Communication is so very important in creating a layout for someone. I want to be able to provide my client with the blog they see in their mind. My clients must be available to communicate in a timely manner. Clients need to assess the design & direct me to the changes they want to see.

How do you figure the cost?

Sometimes creating graphics can take a good deal of time. Essentially, that's what a blog makeover is all about - me using my time to create what you desire for your blog and writing up or editing a template. I will do my best to create my own graphic tools. If you want something like scroll work, flowers, etc., I will look for images on the net use them as a reference to create them in my graphic program. (Some brushes or other graphic tools may be created by me, some may not - if there's a need for it, I will add a credits text widget to your blog layout.) If you want a particular effect that I don't know how to create, I search for a tutorial on how to create it. Ultimately, I'm charging for the graphics I put into a blog, as well as the time I put into it. I can easily spend 20 (or more) hours altering the CSS/html, creating the graphics and getting it all uploaded.

What if I don't like something?

Never be afraid to tell me that there's something you don't like! I want your blog to be the place you feel most at home on the web. If there's something you don't like about it - tell me! This is one reason why I hope to get as much information from my clients at the start of the makeover.

What happens when the design is finished?

Installation - Expect to allow me to take over your blog when it's time to upload the new template for the layout. Be ready to change your password so I can go in & take care. I will create a list of all your widgets, including all the codes, links images, etc.. Then I re-add those widgets for you.

Will anything happen to my blog when you upload the new design?

The only thing I do is change the design & template of your blog. Everything you are used to doing - adding widgets, rearranging the sidebars, etc., you will still be able to do. Everything you've posted or added will remain on your blog.

How do I pay?

To make your one time payment, I will have a button added to a post on the demo blog I work from. I use Paypal only. I've had my account for 5 years and am verified. I know not all of you will be, but I'm not shipping anything, so your verification isn't entirely necessary. Once your payment is received, I will take over your blog & upload you makeover.

What if something happens down the road or I accidentally delete something?

As far as post makeover maintenance - if ever you need something fixed, I can look into what caused the problem. I will do whatever to help you maintain your new blog. Always, the clients I am working on will take precedence over what things may ail your blog. If it is a MAJOR fix or change, I will ask for a $15 maintenance fee. If you want to make changes to your header, like add more recent photos if you used them in the original, I will do that for a small $5 fee.

How do you schedule your time?

Typically I create during the day while the kids are in school, but I will work on a client's schedule, if necessary. I may have to take breaks from creating, should I be in a live chat during a client's makeover. My family obligations come before anything.

What if I want to do another design at another time?

All returning clients will receive a discount based on the new design package they choose.

If anyone ever has a question, feel free to email me at (lose the at for @). I hope to provide all of you with quality service and a happy makeover experience!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming soon:

Free simple this page for free layouts!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My fave pair to date:

Do you need a makeover for your Blahg?

Hi! I think I may be able to help! If you'd like, you can take advantage of this opportunity & allow me to create images, headers & a layout that is all you! You tell me what you want to see & I bring it out in the layout.

Here are a few examples of headers I've created - you can click on some of them to see the entire layout:

This header was created using images of the client and illustrating them in my graphic program.

I just created the header for this one.

To view the one above completely:

more earrings - 5 of 70 pairs

<center><a href=""><img border="0" width="140" src="" height="140"/></a></center>
I started Indelible Creations because I wanted a creative outlet, since my writing wasn't working for me. Here I am & here you are - what I can do for you?

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