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What is a blog makeover & what am I paying for?

The reason I do this is because I really enjoy making other people happy. What better way to do that than using my creativity to create something for someone else. I love working in my graphic program. I love seeing the different things I can do. I love to learn new things. This is not only fun for me, but I run into challenges in creating every once in a while and those make me better at what I do.

I can promise that I will do everything in my power to make you happy!

What are we doing?

I ask my clients what they want to see and do my best to turn their ideas into a unique design specifically for them. Custom = unlike any other!

What is my client's responsibility in the designing process?

Communication is so very important in creating a layout for someone. I want to be able to provide my client with the blog they see in their mind. My clients must be available to communicate in a timely manner. Clients need to assess the design & direct me to the changes they want to see.

How do you figure the cost?

Sometimes creating graphics can take a good deal of time. Essentially, that's what a blog makeover is all about - me using my time to create what you desire for your blog and writing up or editing a template. I will do my best to create my own graphic tools. If you want something like scroll work, flowers, etc., I will look for images on the net use them as a reference to create them in my graphic program. (Some brushes or other graphic tools may be created by me, some may not - if there's a need for it, I will add a credits text widget to your blog layout.) If you want a particular effect that I don't know how to create, I search for a tutorial on how to create it. Ultimately, I'm charging for the graphics I put into a blog, as well as the time I put into it. I can easily spend 20 (or more) hours altering the CSS/html, creating the graphics and getting it all uploaded.

What if I don't like something?

Never be afraid to tell me that there's something you don't like! I want your blog to be the place you feel most at home on the web. If there's something you don't like about it - tell me! This is one reason why I hope to get as much information from my clients at the start of the makeover.

What happens when the design is finished?

Installation - Expect to allow me to take over your blog when it's time to upload the new template for the layout. Be ready to change your password so I can go in & take care. I will create a list of all your widgets, including all the codes, links images, etc.. Then I re-add those widgets for you.

Will anything happen to my blog when you upload the new design?

The only thing I do is change the design & template of your blog. Everything you are used to doing - adding widgets, rearranging the sidebars, etc., you will still be able to do. Everything you've posted or added will remain on your blog.

How do I pay?

To make your one time payment, I will have a button added to a post on the demo blog I work from. I use Paypal only. I've had my account for 5 years and am verified. I know not all of you will be, but I'm not shipping anything, so your verification isn't entirely necessary. Once your payment is received, I will take over your blog & upload you makeover.

What if something happens down the road or I accidentally delete something?

As far as post makeover maintenance - if ever you need something fixed, I can look into what caused the problem. I will do whatever to help you maintain your new blog. Always, the clients I am working on will take precedence over what things may ail your blog. If it is a MAJOR fix or change, I will ask for a $15 maintenance fee. If you want to make changes to your header, like add more recent photos if you used them in the original, I will do that for a small $5 fee.

How do you schedule your time?

Typically I create during the day while the kids are in school, but I will work on a client's schedule, if necessary. I may have to take breaks from creating, should I be in a live chat during a client's makeover. My family obligations come before anything.

What if I want to do another design at another time?

All returning clients will receive a discount based on the new design package they choose.

If anyone ever has a question, feel free to email me at (lose the at for @). I hope to provide all of you with quality service and a happy makeover experience!

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