Sunday, June 08, 2008


Here's what a few of my early clients have to say:

Sunshine said:

Lex really knows how to make a girl happy. She wanted to make sure it was all "me" and that I was loving it. Lemme tell you, I'm in deep, deep love. And it didn't hurt one bit. Not a pinch... She made the whole experience sweet and simple. Just the way I like it. So thank you, Lex! Thanks for thinking of me. Not only is my simply splendid blog a gift, you are too!

Em said:
With some general direction from me on my style and tastes, along with a few jpg images starring our cute little family, she was able to create all of this! Thanks Alexis, I love it!

Teri said:
Lex at Indelible Expressions ( did this awesome tweak job for me. Go pay her a visit. She rocks!

Amanda said:
...thank you so much Lex!

I totally love my new blog. You ROCK!

Jaci said (via email):
Thank you so much.

Lex, it's beautiful! I really love it.

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